Monkey D. Luffy: Anime Protagonist

Monkey D. Luffy

Birthday May 5, 1505 Age Debut age: 7 years Current age: almost 20 years Height 1.74 meters (5’ 7’’) Monkey D. Luffy is a fictional character in a hit manga series named One Piece by Eichiro Oda. The manga was later on adapted into animation in 1999 under Toei Animation and it’s still ongoing until … Read more

Where Can I Watch My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya will be coming on our screens soon. Yes, the release dates of Season 5 are announced and fans can’t wait to watch their favorite anime on screen again after a year’s gap. My Hero Academia last concluded it’s Season 4 in April 2020 and the creators announced the fifth season in the same … Read more

Will There be a Season 5 of Black Clover?

Black Clover

Black Clover, an adventure fantasy Japanese series, brings the viewers to a fictional world where Asta, an orphan, born without magical power which is unusual in the world he lives in. Asta trains to gain magical powers and along with fellow mages from the Black Bulls aspires to become the Next King Wizard. The anime … Read more

Will there be A Season 5 of Attack on Titan?

Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan, a dark fantasy anime, has just wrapped up Season 4. The widely popular anime series enticed the fans with its gripping fourth season where fans witnessed the austere realities that the characters faced. It is believed that the fourth season was the finale of the epic series leaving many fans in awe … Read more

Will There Be a Season 17 of Bleach?

bleach season 17

All the die-hard fans of Bleach must know that season 17 has been confirmed by the producers. Back in 2012, the show stopped airing and was not given any proper ending. This is what left many fans disheartened. However, the production team announced that it has been renewed for season 17 on the show’s 20th anniversary.  Season … Read more

One-Punch Man Season 3 – Release Date & News

one punch man season 3

One-Punch Man is a story of a man named Saitama who is able to defeat all his opponents through a single punch. However, he soon gets tired due to lack of challenge as his one punch is able to bring down his enemy.  A manga version of this Japanese franchise has also been created and its … Read more