How Tall is Tubbo?

Tubbo whose real name is Toby Smith, the foremost character in the Dream SMP. He was one of the inventive members of L’Manberg and clashed on its side in the Independence War. Tubbo is the smallest member of Dream SMP by his height.

He is also Tubbo assisted as its first Administrator of State under Wilbur’s Supervision and reinforced POG2020 during the voting. Tubbo’s height is small and he looks like 5 feet and a few inches tall, maybe he is 5 feet and a half.

Tubbo’s Entry to Dream SMP

When he entered The Dream SMP, his height was not known to many. Moreover, he claimed to be 5 feet and 8 inches. Later that height was proved wrong and it was confirmed that he is even little than 5’ 8’’. From the very beginning, no one knows that he is the smallest height member. But all the followers and fellow streamers came to when Tommy compared his height with Tubbo.

Tubbo is the first person to make nuclear weapons on the server. Tubbo also started the Dream on Hunters group together with Fundy. And he was an adherent of the Butcher’s Army with Fundy, Ranboo, and Quackity.

TommyInnit and Tubbo Friendship

Tubbo is shorter and Tommy is taller, there exists a height difference but not a bonding difference. The relationship of Tubbo and TommyInnit has an intricate history. Tubbo is the best friend of TommyInnit’s and is commonly regarded as Tommy’s partner.

Tubbo and TommyInnit became friends when they both were minor Twitch streamers. Tommy stormed Tubbo’s stream and there they came to know each other in detail. One of them started the YouTube career first and then the other. They are running YouTube channels under their presently identified names.

TommyInnit and Tubbo Height Comparison

TommyInnit is way taller than Tubbo. They must have a difference of 7 inches in their height as Tommy looked taller in their collab stream videos. TommyInnit was doing a Twitch stream in Tubbo’s room and Tubbo was with him.

As the subscribers asked who’s taller, they stand side by side to compare heights, and Tubbo’s short height was clearly visible. Tubbo was looking more like 5 feet or 6 inches but he is not.

Tubbo persistently appears in the videos on Tommy’s YouTube channel. The most discernible videos are where they reconnoiter hacked clients. TommyInnit classically mocks Tubbo in his videos, due to his cognizance and data of Minecraft servers and hewed clients. He also joked him for his height with stream spectators and once compared the height in an online stream.

Tubbo is Not a Tall Member of Dream SMP

Compared to the other members of the Dream SMP Tubbo comes at the end concerning height. He is 6-7 inches shorter than his best friend TommyInnit. Tommy Once did a live Stream in which he compared his height with Tubbo.

And Tubbo was looking noticeably smaller than TommyInnit. Tubbo has a known height of 5 feet and 5 inches tall. But this is not a tall height and he is not taller. Tubbo got serious fame after joining the SMP that hooked more followers and subscribers towards him.

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